As part of my major project I created six medicine packages. Instead of containing tablets each box contain an item and story that represent a moment during my parents experience with long term illness. Together these packages make the "Symbols of Survival" - a way of representing other elements that help individuals during there struggles. 
Final Designs
"Winning" Football Match - Symbols the Start
Birth of their Baby Girl - Symbols an End
Getting Married - Symbols a Distraction 
Reinstated Driving Licence - Symbols the Enemy
Sprouts and Meatballs - Symbols the Laughs 
New House, New Start - Symbols a Change
Completed Symbols of Survival Boxes
Complete with Directions for Each
Inside contains Object and Instructions 
Each is unique and has to be ripped out of the foil
Made to look like authentic tablets
The final tablets were then placed in a pharmacy bag 
Vacuumed Plastic to make cases
Embossed Braille on each box
And each was given a pharmacy label 

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